Print VersionQC 10.00: Project Planning & Customization

This course covers the tasks that are performed by site administrators, project managers, and Quality Assurance (QA) leads to set up Quality Center (QC) projects before users can work with requirements, test cases, and defects. This hands-on course focuses on planning, creating, and customizing Quality Center projects. It is an important course for people involved in creating projects, modifying existing fields, creating user-defined fields, creating users, setting user permissions, and defining basic workflow.

Two days

Intended Audience
  • Quality Center Administrator
  • Quality Center Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Leads
  • Other Quality Center users responsible for managing projects, users, and workflow customizations

    Working Knowledge of:
  • Windows
  • Testing concepts

    Course Objectives

    At the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the organization level specifications that need to be customized in Quality Center
  • Configure organization-wide Quality Center parameters
  • Customize project-specific Quality Center parameters
  • Maintain Quality Center projects

    Course Outline


    Introduction to Quality Center 9.2
  • Identify the Quality Center modules

    Planning the Quality Center Implementation
  • Planning: Considerations and Key Roles

    Planning Project Customization in Quality Center
  • Planning: Project and Workflow Customization Requirements

    Introduction to Site Administrator
  • Logging onto Site Administration
  • Site Administrator Components
  • Monitoring User Connections and Licenses

    Customizing Projects at a Global Level
  • Project Structure in Quality Center
  • Creating Domains and Projects

    Maintaining Quality Center Projects
  • Querying Project Tables
  • Copying, Renaming, Removing, Backing Up, Restoring, and Upgrading Projects
  • Deleting Projects and Domains

    Customizing Users at a Global Level
  • Creating and Managing Users
  • Configuring User Authentication and LDAP Import Settings

    Customizing Other Quality Center Modules at a Global Level
  • Mail Parameters
  • Connection Parameters

    Customizing Project-Specific Entities
  • Project Customization: An Overview
  • Customizing Project-Specific Entities: An Overview
  • Adding User-Defined Fields
  • Managing System or User-Defined Fields

    Customizing Lookup Lists
  • Creating Project-Specific Lists
  • Associating a List to a Project Entity
  • Managing Project-Specific Lists

    Managing Project-Specific Users and User Groups
  • Adding Users to a Project
  • Creating User Groups
  • Customizing Module Access for User Groups

    Customizing Project-Specific Mailing Options
  • Designating Mail Fields
  • Defining Mailing Conditions

    Customizing Alert Rules
  • Configuring Traceability Notification Rules

    Customizing Workflow
  • Customizing Lists
  • Customizing Fields by User Groups

    Implementing Workflow Using Script Editor
  • Using the Script Editor: An Overview
  • Adding a button