Functional Testing – Manual Testing Made Easy With Sprinter

There are two basic functions of Sprinter — creating tests and running tests. Release 11.5 of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) added a new Sprinter feature called Plan mode. What are the different features available in Sprinter? Are you getting the most out of your Sprinter installation?

Functional Testing – ALM Releases Module

The increasing complexity of today’s applications often requires that they be tested on multiple platforms with multiple configurations. To add to this complexity, there may also be different versions of each application in the development, testing, and production phases. How in the world can anyone keep everything straight when dealing with so many moving pieces?

Test Management – Get Great Metrics with ALM Project Planning

One common request ALM instructors receive as students walk in the door on the first day of ALM training is, “How can I track application progress as it relates to the project plan?” Understanding the bells and whistles that are available with ALM help students become more productive ALM users.

Performance Testing – How Repeatable Is Your Test?

What is the purpose behind randomizing values in a load test? What is the random sequence seed in LoadRunner/Performance Center? These are questions students often ask in LoadRunner and Performance Center training classes. I want to give you the answers to these questions today, (and you won’t have to sit through a lecture to get them).