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Services built on certified expertise and best practices:

Whether you’re deploying a custom financial application or a packaged CRM solution, rigorous testing is one of the most critical phases of the implementation process. Before you release to production, you must be absolutely confident in your application’s functional and performance readiness.  That’s why organizations investing in business-critical applications turn to TCT for testing services and consulting. Built on a foundation of highly trained and HP certified professionals, we pride ourselves on getting to know your business and using that intelligence to deliver against our unmatched testing methodology.

In addition to our expert consulting services for your software testing projects, we also offer JumpStart services to help your team get hands-on experience with HP tools. Alternatively, if you’re looking to take your testing practice to a best-in-class status, the TMMi (Testing Maturity Model integration) helps assess where you are today and illustrates the steps required for each stage of your journey.

Why TCT?

  • Unmatched Testing Methodology
  • Experts in application testing best practices 
  • HP Certified Consultants and Instructors


The Testing Maturity Model integration (TMMi) is the most effective method to assess and enable identification of improvements for Software Quality processes. The model is used to assess the capabilities of your software quality process and identify what to improve, in what order and more importantly why to improve (including Return on Investment).


If your team is looking for faster on-boarding for HP testing tools, TCT’s JumpStart is the answer. Led by an HP Certified instructor and a tool-specific HP Accredited Systems Engineer, the JumpStart program will quickly on-board new users with the testing tool skills they need, providing a solid foundation for future projects.

Utility Industry Services:

TCT has worked with major energy and utility companies nationwide. We are familiar with the applications and requirements of these types of organizations. While Utility isn’t the only industry we serve, we have come to specialize on serving the application testing needs of this complex and highly regulated industry.