Assess and improve YOUR quality process.

Are you aware of the cost of quality and the savings of implementing process improvements?

Over the decades there have been many process improvement models including SPICE, CMM and CMMi. These models focus on helping organizations improve their overall software engineering process capabilities. BUT, how much attention has been paid to software quality processes within these models? In essence they ensure you have a repeatable process but do not validate that the process delivers quality outputs.

This is where the Testing Maturity Model integration (TMMi) can help. In our view, TMMi is the most effective method to assess and enable identification of improvements for Software Quality processes.

The model is used to assess the capabilities of your software quality process and identify what to improve, in what order and more importantly why to improve (including Return on Investment). Bearing in mind that the testing processes can and often do absorb up to 50% of an IT project costs, can you afford not to know how mature your processes are?

A TMMi assessment can provide your company or government agency with an internationally recognized certification at any of the five levels. Let your customers know you have a robust, efficient, effective, and reliable testing process!

Does your organization…

  • Suffer from major release delays?
  • View testing as a bottleneck at every stage?
  • Find too many, and very often the most important errors in production?
  • Have little idea how much testing (and poor quality) is costing?
  • Utilize third parties that don’t deliver the anticipated benefits?
A TMMi® assessment can provide:

  • An internationally recognized certification at any of the levels.
  • An intelligent look at your testing related quality processes
  • A fully scalable review mechanism (Project / Program / Business Unit or Organization)
  • A staged process improvement model
  • A pragmatic and achievable process improvement roadmap which will support your organization’s quality goals and objectives
  • Demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI)


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